About Us

In 1990 five families, wondering if they could find a better way to provide friendly, nurturing and affordable childcare than was offered locally, established the co-operative nursery Childspace.

Many years later, Childspace is thriving. From small beginnings based in the homes of each family, we have grown into a community of families employing a registered nursery manager and a part-time worker.

As a co-operative we make decisions about running the nursery as a group during our monthly meetings and are closely involved in the care of our children. Parents take on a variety of jobs and are involved in every aspect of running a nursery.

Parents support the manager in running the sessions and consequently get to know all the children and their needs. Parents provide nutritious vegetarian food for lunch.

Childspace is a stimulating, positive, secure and fun environment where co-operation and sharing are actively encouraged.

We aim to do as our name suggests: Give children a space, where they are encouraged and guided to explore and express themselves through play.